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  • Saint & the Prophets

    Oil on Canvas 180x150 cm 2021
  • "Rishikesh"

    Oil on Canvas 150X180 cm 2021
  • "The Bazaar at Pulicat"

    Oil on Canvas 150x180 cm 2021
  • "Woman praying in a Temple"

    Oil on Canvas 90x60 cm 2020
  • The Frangipani Tree"

    Acrylic on Canvas 90x60 cm 2014

Atelier KUNTAL

The ‘atelier KUNTAL’ brand was established and trademarked by the accomplished artist and photographer Kuntal Desai under the partnership firm Krina Associates in Chennai, India. 
Kuntal is a passionate photographer of nature and specifically birds. The inspiration and design paradigm for the ‘atelier KUNTAL’ range are based on these stunning photographs and also from his paintings and drawings that are exhibited on this website and are sought after and appreciated by art connoisseurs for their strong bonds to nature and his passion for the environment.
'atelier KUNTAL' offers an eclectic range of casual wear for women and men, home linen and accessories that are on display on this website. We love working in cotton, linen, silk and natural fabrics and our focus is on a natural, easy, casual and fresh feel. Simplicity and a feeling of closeness to nature are very close to our heart. The designs on fabric are worked on in various methods such as block printing with blocks carved out of Kuntal's designs and artworks, digital printing and an exquisite range of hand painted fabrics that are unique in their conception. Hand painting on textile and fabric is time consuming and required the fabric painter to be extremely skilled. This is achieved after long hours of training and practise, and are in great demand due to their exclusivity and visual appeal. 
Hope you enjoy visiting and shopping with us, and do give us a feedback! If you would like to 'custom make' any thing in particular, we are open to working together too.  
  •   6, Sreshta Sangri La, New Beach Road, Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600041. Location map :
  •   +91 9884023819 / +91 9884221118