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Rs. 4,300.00

Zoe Blue Silk Top,  Material: Raw Silk

Top Colour: Blue

Stole: Sky Blue

Birds Imprinted: Egrets

This fashionable blue silk top made of the finest raw silk is a good choice for any formal occasion. The stole that comes attached with the top, is the colour of a mid morning sky which blends flawlessly with the lustrous blue of the silk top. The exquisite stole also comes with elegant egrets imprinted on them.

The Egret imprinted on the stole was photographed by Kuntal when he was out birding, in the backwaters on the outskirts of Chennai.

The GREAT EGRET, largest of the egrets is not very common but widespread across India. These birds feed actively at dawn & dusk, waiting motionlessly to catch an unassuming prey. While walking the Great Egret extends it necks and holds it wings close, and makes a noise only when disturbed or at breeding colonies, it gives a loud croaking sound and a high pitched squawk.

This fashionable top length ends slightly below the waist and with the ¾ sleeves they give the wearer a graceful appearance. Since the material is made of the purest and finest raw silk we recommend a fine wash by hands when it is needed.

Wear nature!!   

  Measurement  in inches
Chest 38 40 42 44
Waist 37 39 41 42.4
Hip 40 43 45 46.4
Across Shoulder 14.5 15.8 16.5 17.5
Sleeve length 15.5 16.2 16.8 17.5
Front Length  26 27 27 27


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