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Pink Silk Top with attached bow

Rs. 4,300.00

Zoe Pink Silk Top

Material: Tussar Silk

Top Colour: Pink

Silk Stole Colour: Soft White

Birds: Flamingos

This spectacular Pink Silk Top made of the purest and finest Tussar silk is a lovely choice for any formal occasion. The soft white of the Stole that comes attached matches perfectly with the sweet pink of the silk top. This splendid stole also comes with flamingos imprinted on them.

These beautiful flamingoes imprinted on the stole were photographs taken by Kuntal in Lake Pulicat where he was out birding a hardcore passion of his.

Flamingos are a familiar sight even to those who have never seen one in real life. These tropical wading birds have long legs with backward-bending knees, long curvy necks and most noticeably they are pink. These birds feed by stirring up mud with their feet. Then they reach down and scoop up a beakful of mud and water, their beaks are designed to strain animals out of the mud, and the muddy water is expelled, this happens as the flamingo’s head is upside-down.

This stylish silk top ends slightly below the waist and with the ¾ sleeves they give the wearer an absolutely graceful look. Since the silk top is made of the finest and purest Tussar silk we recommend a fine & gentle wash by hands.


  Measurement  in inches
Chest 38 40 42 44
Waist 37 39 41 42.4
Hip 40 43 45 46.4
Across Shoulder 14.5 15.8 16.5 17.5
Sleeve length 15.5 16.2 16.8 17.5
Front Length  26 27 27 27


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