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Red Cotton Top with attached bow

Rs. 2,900.00

Material: Cotton

Bow material: Linen

Colour: Red

Bird imprinted on the bow: Kingfisher

This fashionable red top made of the purest and finest cotton is an ideal choice for an evening out. The bow that comes attached with the top has the artistic designs of a kingfisher perched in a tree. The striking red colour of the top matches perfectly with the bow that comes attached with it.

The kingfisher, a majestic bird with wonderful palette of colours from the beak to their feet’s.  These gorgeous birds are commonly found near water bodies in and around India. This bird was photographed by Kuntal in the foothills of the Nilgiris near the river Bhavani.

Made of the finest cotton this exclusive top is perfect for the summer heat.

Made of the sturdiest cotton this top can be washed by hand as well as machine.

Wear Nature!!!

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